A Motivational Story For All Youth In Higher Institution.

“Testimonies From All My Fans and Readers From ” PART 1 ” SECURING MY FUTURE was so impressive, Calls,Text Messages,Email’s, My Social Media’s Messages, I received in my box was so touching, this feedbacks that was received is not to make me the writer Joyous But this Feedbacks Challenged Me More, To Write Further “. Thanks To My Fans and Numerous Followers.”- MR DILIGENT.

” SECURING MY FUTURE ” PART 2 that You are about to read will be so challenging and full of questions, Are You 15 above? Are you now in higher institution ? Are you so much dependent on your parents? Are you about to conclude your Educational Program in your institution? Are you the type that is Shy to Go Out ? Are you talented but you are yet to discover it? Are you between the age’s of 18 – 30 years ? Are you the type that is so weak to pray? Are you aged enough and you have like 3-4 younger ones behind you?

All the above questions that was asked, If you find yourself as a victim in this questions, then this PART 2 ” SECURING MY FUTURE ” is for you.

Do you know that if you are not challenged in life in this present generation, You won’t have a challenging success story to tell the upcoming generation. But Many Youth Faced By this Challenges are yet to discover the opportunities in this challenges, You fill relaxed because your parents are there for you, You fill on the top of the world because you have your uncle’s and auntie’s to sponsors or to finance you one way or the other and you have forgotten that some days will come that you will call on them and they will give you excuses or sometimes ignore your calls.

In fact, some youths in higher institution are facing such presently, you have felt so dependent on your parents, guardians, Uncle’s and Auntie’s and you have forgotten that they also have their heavy laden they are tackling with. You will notice sometimes when you call your promising uncle’s or auntie’s they will sometimes ignore your calls or rather switch off their phones, all because of you need money from them.

For how long will you continue to be a dependent variable? For how long will you continue to look up to your parents? ” Remember Your Parents are striving to give to you today ,but Someday tomorrow they will be expecting you to give to them “. Then if you were unable to give to them, some might be to furious to curse you or say words of negativism to you . Secure Your Future From Today.

Securing Your Future is not by praying to God only to secure it for you, Its about YOU, to take effective actions towards God to help yourself to secure it, Don’t You feel bad sometimes when you ask your parents for some resources and they reply you ,You have to be patient, Hmm ! Let me call my younger brother in ABUJA To Help Us ?

Don’t you feel challenged sometimes when your parents tells you that, Am not impressed in you, can’t you see Mama Moji Daughter and Son ? Your parent will sometimes tell you to evaluate yourself with your friends living around your house, and they tell you sadden words, even has you are still in higher institution, My Brother’s and Sister’s the same Sadden Words they told you numerous times before gaining admission, Are they the same thing you will go back and listen to again after schooling?

Series of opportunities are in the higher institution you are, Make use of them, There are educative association that you can be a member to build up your Leadership Skills,Talents, Hiding Potential ; Association like Junior Chambers Institute (JCI) , Tourism Clubs (TC) , Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Students Association (AYESA) Press Clubs (PC) Achievers Clubs, (AC) African Liberty (AL) Distinction Carrier Interdenominational Groups (DCIG) e.t.c and many campus fellowships. Don’t you know that through this association and fellowship, you will get exposed positively and from there you can meet different benefactors.

Identify the vision helpers and not the vision killers in this association and fellowships in your institution, Some will tell you that, My friend ! ignore all this association and face your academics squarely, My question is after facing and shaping the academics squarely and Quadrilateral, does it guarantee you Decagon of opportunities ?

Even those that graduated 5 years back are yet to secure a job because many failed to secure their future, You are still much opportune at this momentum period before finalizing your academics carriers.

Do you know that the writer of this ” SECURING MY FUTURE ” sold Noodles and Egg Inside His Institution while in 100 level ? Do you know that he fried Chinchin and Doughnuts To Sell To Students and His Course mates ? And have you ever heard that he once sold fried and spicing meat when schooling ? And he made his cool money for survival and other academics expenses ! HOW was he able to do all this ? Its because he his entrepreneurial skillful and he his respected by his parents, friends,relatives, mentors e.t.c. through his skills.

Learn an Entrepreneurship skill today ! So as to belong to the 5% ( JOB MAKERS ),that will control 95% ( JOB MAKERS ) .

All you can just do for us, is to share and forward this to other youths in order for them to get their future secured .

To be continued ………


Adefisoye Adeshola Joseph
Mr Diligent.

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