A Motivational Story For All Youth In Higher Institution.

Its awesome to be home for holiday, You have missed your families, siblings and peer groups, You have missed delicious foods been cooked by your mother, younger sister, aunty, its cool am home back for holiday after my First Semester Examination In My Institution.” This you say to yourself”.
On the other hand , Its cumbersome to stay so long at home becau

se your parents, guardians , Uncle’s and Auntie’s will take it as an advantage of sending you errands here and there, errands that can make you furious most times.
I was in school, I felt independent and socialized with my friends and course mates, we had Gist’s with each other,discuss about some funny lecturers, handsome one’s and some that are just so dull when lecturing, all this I can’t do some years back when i was yet to be admitted to school in higher institution and sometimes I look and think deeply and say to myself is this me or not?  Am So Free ! “This you say to yourself”.
On getting back home for holiday, You discovered that your parents / uncle /aunty that use to be harsh in words or in approach has begun to appear as a dove in their conversation with you and you wonder and say to yourself ” Its seems am been respected by everyone at home due to my higher institution admission status”.
This made you free in your expression on like before that you are been disgraced by your parents, uttering statements that are unfriendly to an individual life.


Even to some individuals, their parents still insult them on things that are not what been insulted for, some parents will even take actions to the extends of embarrassing their wards publicly or in social gathering. They are doing all this because they don’t want their children to later in life become to hooliganism societies.
Youth should think from this aspects, You gained admission into an higher institution, You discovered your independence, You never decided to join confraternities that will destroy your life and still you are poor in timing and securing your future to apex status.
My question is, After your academics program WHAT NEXT ? Do you want to go back to that house, your parents has always acted so strange to you in an hardly way, Do you want them to ask you that after all you did in your institution what have you brought home ? Or Do you think its immediately you finish, The institution management will give you your academics results and certificates ? 
When you are still schooling, various types of opportunities are been placed on your door step but you are ignoring them ! You had series of educative, entrepreneurial and Leadership Forums or Association to become a member in helping your potentials that are yet to be discovered but you are still ignoring them !

All you were thinking was only your ACADEMICS and GP , but have you forgotten that having the best GP does not guarantee you best GP ? I will explain.
Having the best Grade Points ( GP ) does not guarantee you Great Positions ( GP ) in life ? But it is also advisable to be focused and determined in having a good grade in your academics because sometimes its helps 10% but not in all cases in the journey of success of Life .
How will you love to be celebrated by your parents / Guardians , When will your parent tell you ” AM PROUD OF YOU ” . 
The higher institution you are is an institute to choose what you will become either the good or bad. 
Many students/youths look’s at the problems in Opportunity because many times its request been sacrificial but Does not see the Opportunities In Problems because many times they are not be cautious of securing the future.
You don’t even know the syzygy you belong to ! Never Play away time while schooling, Learn Skills, Entrepreneurial Vocational Skills that will make you independent, Its might not work for you immediately but its will definitely work for you when a society develops a problem and you have an opportunity of your entrepreneurial skills to solve the problem.  


To be continued ……


Adefisoye Adeshola Joseph

Mr Diligent.