As a man who can appreciate a good twerk, I’ve got a very deep interest in the helping hand a good booty shake can offer to women. While shaking ‘dat buttocks’ has always been a feature of popular dance, it seems that 2015 is the year of the twerk. For those of that don’t know, here is the official definition of the twerk…

‘Twerking is to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner, involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.’

So what makes the twerk so brilliant?

It seems that twerking actually burns more calories than yoga or spinning; and if there is one thing that women love more than strutting their stuff on the dancefloor, it’s burning those pesky calories. Twerk aficionado Lexy Pantera, who founded TwerkOut, is a massive advocate of the dance, claiming unprecedented effects when it comes to working out. An all over body workout, it’s hard to argue with the numbers.

“I’d love to teach the world to twerk because, whether they admit it or not, all women want to twerk. You can burn 1,200 calories in an hour and it’s a full body workout – I knew it would catch on.”

Calorie wise it’s the clear winner. Ladies, you only burn 100 to 450 calories per hour from a yoga class and 400-600 calories from a 40-minute spin class.

Next up on the list of twerking benefits is that it builds confidence and can actually improve your sex life. All of a sudden there are men everywhere pricking up their ears and encouraging their partners to start twerking. Regardless of body shape and size, twerking gives women the ability to let loose and embrace their figure. Pantera again agrees, saying she knows women who have directly benefited.

“Some people may be a little intimidated at first as it’s really out there but once they start they can’t stop – twerking is addictive… And nobody is too big to twerk. I have women coming to me saying they were nervous at first but now their sex life has improved dramatically after taking the class.”

So does this confidence only extend to the bedroom? Apparently not. Twerking can push people out of their comfort zone, improving their self-esteem and improving other areas of their life. Science is also on hand to back up the benefits of the infamous dance. Science of People lead investigator Vanessa Van Edwards revealed that it can be broken down into three key principles.

“1. Shape Shifting: Men love the roundness of a woman’s body. The only thing they love more than the roundness of a woman’s rump is the jiggling of a woman’s butt — and twerking showcases both.

2. Babies: Twerking puts a woman in the prime mating position. Ya, you know the one I mean. So instinctively, men and women know that canine-style stance is great for making babies.

3. What the What!? Our brains love seeing unusual and bizarre things. Twerking is definitely not… something we normally see.”

So, science is behind it too, who’d have thought it?

Anything that encourages women to be healthy and stimulates body-confidence is an absolute winner in my book. While I’m sure that the dance itself won’t be fashionable forever, while it is we should be encouraging women to enjoy the benefits of shaking their asses.