Four years later…..

I slept immediately I came back from Sunday morning service. Joy’s call woke me up. Joy put to bed last month. She gave birth to a baby boy, Testimony. Daniel is Testimony’s God father.

“Hi cousin”


“How are you doing and how’s baby Testimony doing”

“Your baby is doing fine”

she replied

We talked for a while, she’s planning to come back to Nigeria very soon. I spoke to Kola before we ended the call.

Finally God answered our prayers. She had her child through IVF.

I went to the sitting room and met Shallom watching cartoon. I named her Shallom, indeed she was my peace. I have all the peace in the world, peace revolves around me, my friends, loved ones and family are all doing well.

I’ve started running my school and it’s progressing, my husband business is expanding, I have a good home. What else can I ask from God. And to crown it all He gave us this smart, brilliant and beautiful Princess, shalom.

Back to present…..

“Shallom, where is Dee?”

“You mean my Daddy” she said giving me a funny look.

“Where did I get this girl from, she always compete with me when it comes to Daniel” I said to myself.

“I know he’s your Daddy but he’s my husband” I said

“Mummy, Daddy loves me more than you” she gestured with her hands.

“Seriously! What’s your age again?” I asked Shalom.

“Mummy, I’m three. Did you forgot” she said with a straight face.

I swear this girl is hilarious, you need to see her face.

I shake my head. I wonder where she got this sharp tongue from, definitely not from me.

“Fine, you win, so where’s your Daddy” I rephrased my question.

She smiled “He’s at the pool side with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Josh” she said in American accent.

I wonder if accent is hereditary too. If it’s hereditary which I doubt, then she got it from her father and aunt.

“Oh your Aunt is around. Who is with you?”

“Aunt Moyin, she’s in the kitchen to check what she’s cooking” she replied in her babyish voice.

“OK” I turned to leave and she called me.

“Mummy sit” she said and I sat beside her.

“Mummy are you sick?” she asked touching my forehead with her small palm to feel my temperature.

“No, why do you ask?”

“You’ve been sleeping ever since we came back from church”

“Let’s just say that Mummy will soon give you a kid brother”

“Yeah…. She jumped up. Mummy thank you. I can’t wait to have a kid brother”

“Good, let me say hi to your aunt and her husband, I’ll be back”

I went into the kitchen first and pleaded with Moyin to hasten up her cooking, I’m famished.

I went to the pool side, Sharon was heavily pregnant and she was looking beautiful in her flowing gown. She stood up and hugged me, Josh did the same. While Daniel pulled a chair out for me to sit.

“Hope you enjoyed your nap” Daniel said and planted a kiss on my forehead.

I smiled “Yes I did, thanks. That reminds me your daughter said you love her more than you love me. Did you tell her that?”

“Shalom said that!” Josh asked smiling.

“Shallom is smarter than her age, don’t you know” Sharon replied her husband.

“Huh! But I told her not to tell you” Daniel said scratching his head.

“Wow! So you actually did?” I countered.

“Honey, you know Shalom won’t let me off the hook, if I didn’t say that. You know I love you both” he said teasingly.

“I won’t let you off the hook either, we shouldn’t wash our dirty linens in front of Josh and Sharon, so we’ll thrash it out later” I said jokingly and we all laughed out loud.

Some minutes later, Moyin came out and told us that food is ready.

I followed her back into the house to set the table.

We all ate together except Shallom who was busy watching cartoon, she already took noodles earlier, so she wasn’t hungry.

The couples left later in the evening. At night, I bathed Shallom, read her stories. That reminds me, Daniel talked me into doing this, you know all this there American stuff. Who read me story before I sleep when I was young, I doubt if my parents had such time. So with time, I got used to it. Now I read her stories before bedtime while Daniel tagged along.

We left her room when she fell asleep and went to our bedroom. My husband kissed my little baby bump, He wrapped his hands around me on the bed. He thanked me for every good thing I brought into his life. He thanked me for my impact on his sister, he was so proud of the woman Sharon had become.

He also thanked me for giving him a beautiful and intelligent daughter and for carrying another one.

I smiled and remembered how the journey all started.

He dialed a wrong number, but he turned out to be the right man for me.