Episode 38

I left home early on Friday morning. I needed to see Lizzy first at the bank where she works. She introduced me to some policies. I intend to take on the policy.

I was directed to Lizzy’s office. On my way down the banking hall, I ran into my lodge mate back in school.

“It’s a lie…Bola!” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Pamilerin!” she called out and we hugged each other.

“What are you doing here” I asked

“I work here, an IT student (Industrial Training)

“Wow! Bola I’m so happy for you. I’m glad you did not give up on yourself.

“Thanks, I got an admission a year later when I left school and here I am”

“Congrats dear, the downfall of a man, is never the end of a man. How are your parents?”

“They are fine, when we got home that day, they never stop talking about you”

“Really, I’m sorry I lost your contact”

“Pamilerin! i almost gave up but I held on to your advice and make up mind to be a better person”

“Bola I never knew you were expelled from school until that very day your parents came to pack your things” I explained

“I believe you, I knew you had no idea. But those who knew prefer to gossip behind me, rather than telling me the truth”

“Anyways people can be funny at times, that’s why its good to surround yourself with good people”

“You are right, I’ve learnt my lessons. Now I only associate with people that add value to my life”

“Nice, I feel elated to see how well you are doing. Thank God for your supportive parents”

“My dear I couldn’t have done it without them, I’m grateful to God for given me such Parents”

“My regards to them”

“I will, so what brings you to the bank?” she asked.

“I came to see a friend for official and unofficial matters” I said smiling.

“Who is that?”

“Mrs Lizzy Paul”

“The Loan officer! She’s my Boss, I work under her. I’ll lead you to her office”

Bola tapped the door lightly and opened the door she let me in first.

“Good morning banker” I said

with a smile.

“You finally show up, thank God for midterm break. Good morning dearest” Lizzy stood up from her seat and hugged me.

“Please have your sit” she offered.

“Thanks. How’s your hubby and your little man?”

I asked referring to David, Lizzy’s son.

“They are fine, both of them are now 5 and 6”

“That’s good, I like that”

“Bola thanks for bringing her in, you can leave now”

Lizzy said

“Bola is my friend, I ran into her on my way down here”

I informed her.

“Really, I thought she just led you to my office” she said innocently.

“Bola is a friend I lost contact with, my coming here today really worth it”

“Happy reunion then” Lizzy said smiling.

“That reminds me, Bola let me have your contact” I said

We exchanged numbers. While Lizzy was busy with some paper works.

“Lizzy me I need a favor o”

She looked up “Let’s hear it”

“Please help me retain Bola after her IT. At least you want to help me secure a job here but I declined because I don’t like banking jobs”

“So you want to do change by batter, right” she said laughing.

“Whatever, just help me please…”

“No problem, I’ll try my best” she said

“Thank you” Bola and I chorused. She was so happy.

“Now back to business” Lizzy said

“Yes, official mode activated” I said jokingly.

“Bola please make some coffee for your your friend”

“Alright ma” she said and prepared the coffee.

“I’m not in charge of the policy program but I’ll take you to the person in charge” Lizzy stated while I was sipping my coffee.

“Ok, can we leave once I’m done with the coffee”


“Cos I’m still going to Daniel’s place”

“You mean his office?”

“No, the mansion”

“He’s not going to work?” she asked surprised

“It’s like we are both on midterm break” I said and we laughed.

“Anyway, that’s cool, you need time togt to talk about so many things. My regards”

“I will thanks dear” I said

Some minutes later, I was through and took my leave.


During the week I decided to pay my Fiancé a surprise visit in the office.

I got there and spent few minutes to chat with Lola his secretary. She noticed the diamond ring on my ring finger and congratulated me. I went into his office afterward.

“What a pleasant surprise, you didn’t tell me you are coming” he said with his gaze fixed on the laptop.

“Dee I’m sorry for barging in on you unannounced”

“Where is that my secretary, he rang her on the intercom”

“Yes sir, you called me” She said when she walked in

“Its like you’ve gotten another job right?”

“Sir! did I do something wrong?” Lola said with pleading eyes.

“So you now bend rules for her right, I’m even sure you know she’s coming but you did not dim it fit to tell me?”

“I’m sorry sir I …I thought…

I and Daniel started laughing at her.

“So you didn’t know he was joking all along?” I pointed to her, still laughing.

“You need to see your face” he said to Lola.

She now join us in laughing too. “You scared me boss”


“I thought you don’t fear me, now I know you do, you can go back to your office/sit.

“Boss you know I do but for every rule there’s an exception” she said smiling.

“And she’s the expection!” he asked giving me a funny face.

Lola nodded and left the office smiling.


“I love surprises” he said walking up to join me on the sofa.

He gave me a peck and sat beside me.


“You are not nice at all, she almost fainted you know”

“I was just pulling her legs. What can I offer you?” he said smiling.

“Nothing, I’ll just take cold water and I can help myself with that”

I stood up and walked to the small fridge in his office, I opened the fridge and picked a bottle water.

I went back to my sit. “I brought you something” I said

“What do you bring for me” he asked excitedly

“I baked last night” I said and brought out the cup cakes I made for him.

“You are a darling” he said and gave me a kiss on the lip.

He settled down and ate the cake, I served him a glass of juice. He fed me with some of the cake.

After the light refreshments, he went back to his sit and started working.

I noticed he was very busy, so I left after an hour. He was very grateful for the treat.



I got a call from Tunde, I was already fuming before I picked the call.

This time, I’ll make sure I have him arrested” I said to myself before I pick the call.

“Pamilerin, I need you, please come, there’s no one I could call right now”

he pleaded

“Tunde please don’t start, I don’t have time for your games”

“Pamilerin I have no one else, I have nobody, please…he said crying.

“Tunde! crying, this is serious then” I thought

“Where are you now”


“My house,I mean the company’s house, I have less than 24hours to evacuate this place” he said sobbing”

I’m on my way, I said

before the line went off.


I called Daniel and informed


“You want to go there alone, what if all this is a set up”

“I don’t think so”

“Are you not scared at all, do you have a death wish or something. This guy could harm you”

“I can’t just turn a deaf hear on him, he has no relative in Lagos and I’m sure friends would have deserted him now that he has no money again” I explained

“Give me the address, I’ll meet you there, in case you get there before me, don’t go in. Stay outside”


“He can’t hurt me, but I’ll do as you say”

“Daniella I mean it, wait for me before you embark on your rescue mission”

he said firmly.

“Yes sir! I’ll wait” I said stressing the ‘sir’ and ended the call.


I left the bank for Daniel’s place. His gateman opened the gate for me. He was surprised to see me.

“Good morning Madam” he bowed his head.

“Good morning Papilo, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma” He said smiling


“Ehn en! No wonder my Oga no go work today” he said smiling.

“You don’t want your Oga to rest?”

“Make him rest o, body need am” he replied.

I handed over to him a loaf of bread and a pack of Juice I brought for him.

He was happy and thanked me.

Daniel was working on his laptop when I walked in. He was so happy I came. He had prepared breakfast by the time I got there, he made for me as well. I ate and watch him work on the Laptop.

Some minutes later, he closed the laptop and we started chatting.

“There’s something id like to show” he said”

“What is it?”

He held my hand and lead the way. He took me to one of the empty rooms in the house. We entered and I saw the place has been stocked with Home and kitchen gadgets.

“I want to make sure you are very comfortable when we are married” he stated.

Wow! Thank you”

“I don’t want to stress my children too, I want them to have all the good life I had abroad”

“This is Nigeria, our children won’t be using all this until they are of age. No washing machine, no dish washer. I’m training them to do chores with their hands”

“That is mean, who washes with bare hands this days?”

“A lot, lot of kids does my dear. We will only introduced them to all this when They are mature”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m dead serious, the last thing I want in my life is spoilt kids”

“I pity my unborn children in advance, their Mum is so mean!” he said sarcastically.

“Are u seriously saying that to my face” I hitted him on the chest.

He held my two hands to stop me from hitting him further. He drew me closer and kissed me on the lips.

“I love you my baby” he muttered. I can’t wait to have our kids running around in this house”

“Hmm, I love you too”

He held me in his arms and kissed me passionately this time. The romance was getting intensed and we had to stop.

“ Dee, let’s go back to the living room” I said and refrain from his embrace.


We went back to the sitting room. We discussed about the wedding, the number of kids we want to have and some other things.

He also said we’ll have to go to the states together to meet his family before they come to Nigeria for the wedding. He said I can even cease the opportunity to shop for the wedding.

I can’t believe my ears, so I’ll be traveling to the US just to meet my parent in-laws.


“I want you to quit your job, I think you should go into business” he said

“I’d love to have my own business too, but all the business I have in mind requires large capital”


“Just think of one and we’ll know what to about”


“OK, but do you know the funniest thing, I’ve falling in love with teaching and now I wouldn’t mind if I have my own school” I said



I nodded my head in affirmative.

“That’s not bad, school business is a good business” he said.


“Yes” I nodded.

“That reminds me I spoke with your Dad last night” he said

“He said so but he didn’t tell me what you discussed, he just told me we’ll talk later”

“I’m seeing him next week, so we can start making wedding arrangements. I also told him we’ll have to skip the introduction part since my Parents are not here. And he agreed” he explained.


“That’s good”

We cooked lunch together in the afternoon..

After cooking, I pack some lunch for papilo too.


“Papilo!” I called out when I opened the front door.


“Ma! he answered walking hurriedly towards me.


“Here’s your lunch” I handed over the tray to him.


“Thank you ma, God bless you” He bowed in appreciation.


“You are welcome”


Only me, you gave me food in the morning, now afternoon food too” he said smiling.


Hope you are not expecting food in the evening o, because I dey go my Papa house”


“Ha… how you take know wetin dey my mind. I think say you go sleep today o”


“No o, my papa get house”

We both laughed and he went back to his post.




Episode 39

Daniel and I paid the Pauls a visit. The couples were excited to see us, it was a surprised visit cos we didn’t informed them we’re coming.

David jumped on Daniel.

“Hello handsome,how are you doing?” Daniel said handling his cheeks.


“I’m fine sir”


“I think we bought you something” he said playfully and I handed the pack of chocolates to him.


“Thank you Uncle, thank you Aunty” he said jumping happily.

Daniel handed a bottle of red wine we brought to Paul.


“Thanks” he said.

I noticed Lizzy’s baby bump.


“Someone won’t be able to drink this wine” I said pointing at Lizzy’s tommy.

The couples smiled. Daniel took a good look at Lizzy and immediately he got the gist.


“Congratulations to both of you” he said


“Congrats” I said and hugged Lizzy.


Lizzy went to the Kitchen to prepare something for everyone, I also tagged along and I use that opportunity to congratulate her again.


We all settled down to eat, while eating Daniel got a call from his younger sister in the states. He was smiling while I receiving the call, I guessed he had really missed his sister. I know it’s not beast staying here alone without ones family.


After the call he informed us that his sister is coming to Nigeria that very week.

I’m very happy about the news at least I’ll get to know her before the wedding.


We all had fun, including the little man among us. We played video games, took pictures, we had some serious discussions as well which includes our wedding. We left after two hours or thereabout.



Sharon, Daniel’s younger sister came from the states to visit her dear brother. We got along real fast, she’s a free spirited person, a bit taller than me, beautiful, light skin, slender body that will catch the attention of guys.


She’s the only girl, so she sees me like a sister she never had. Initially I had the impression that she’s the snobbish type but I was wrong. She was so sweet to be with.

Along the line I discovered something shocking about her.


I was at the mansion to keep her company. She was engrossed with her phone, I moved closer and tried to peeped at her phone.


“Sharon, you hardly noticed I’m sitting next to you, what are you watch?


“It’s a TV series, Empire”


“Wow! I love the show too, in fact I just downloaded the latest episode last night. Season 3 episode 6″


“Really! That’s what I’m seeing right now”


“Who is your favorite character?” I asked her.


“Its Cookie. I really love Taraji P Henson” she replied


“I like cookie too….but my favorite character is Jamal. Jussie Smollett he’s just so cute. I love him, but I was disappointed when I found out that he’s gay in real life also. How can he waste he’s fine boy like that. I wonder why handsome guys choose to be gay”


Immediately I mentioned gay, Sharon’s countenance changed. “Why did you give me that face?” I questioned


“Nothing, please excuse me” she stood up.


“Sharon!” I held her hand and looked into her eyes.


“Daniella, please….”

I pulled her back on the chair. She looked right back into my eyes.


“I’m a lesbian”

She said calmly.


I doubt if I heard her well. Daniel’s sister, a lesbian?


“Lesbian what!” I was shocked at her revelation.

I was mute for more than 5minutes, trying to process what she told me.


“Daniella, that’s who I am, I’m a lesbian”


“That’s not who you are, homosexual it’s evil, wicked and a sin. In fact its one of the sins that made God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah”I explained.


Did your family members knows about your sexuality?”

I asked


“No they don’t I hid it from them, if Daniel finds out he will strangle me”


“Huh!” I sighed heavily.

I wondered why people trust me with their secret. This was too big for me but still I can’t turn a deaf ear on the matter.


“How long do you plan on keeping it, or you will just walk up to them one day and tell them you are getting married to a woman?


“Daniella, I don’t plan on telling them. They won’t consent to it, so there’s no point telling”


“Sharon, I’m sorry but I can’t hide the truth from your brother, you have to tell him”


“I can’t… tell…him”


“Please I can’t keep this from him, you’ll put me in big trouble if he finds out later that I knew about it”


“He won’t find out if you don’t tell him, I’ve succeeded in keeping it for years”


“I’m sorry Sharon, I don’t keep secret from him, trust me I learnt the hard way. Despite the fact that you guys lived all your life abroad, that Ekiti blood is still flowing in his veins”


“Daniella but I trusted you”


“You can still trust me, we’ll find away around this, trust me. I will tell him if you can’t”


“Are you sure you can handle it? You’re about to unleash hell”


“Leave that to God. Are you in a relationship presently with another female?”


“Yes, and we love each other”


The sound of the statement she altered disgusted me. How can one fall in love with a fellow woman.


“The first step you’ll have to take is to end the relationship” I stated


“That’s going to be difficult, I love her”


“I know it’s difficult, but its going to be easier since you are here in Nigeria and she’s in the state”


“Daniella!” She sighed. Let me think about it”


“Please be fast about it, and end it quick with her. Once that is settled then we can move to the next step”


I went on and on to explain further. I told her she wasn’t created that way. The only relationship God approved is the one between a man and a woman.


I quoted some words from Open Heaven devotional that i read some days ago just to open her eyes to the truth. “One reason why some people attach themselves to sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality and all kinds of abominable acts today is because they have shut their heart to God’s word. When you fill your mind with the Knowledge of God, His words, His ways, there will be no space for junk and lies of the devil in it”


She listened with rapt attention.

“Sharon! i held her two hands in my palms. Homosexual behavior can be conquered, as evidenced by many people who have completely given up the lifestyle”


I quickly searched for some scriptures on my phone just to buttress my point.


If homosexual behavior were thought to be inborn , Scripture would not have said….


“Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.” (Romans 1: 26 -27 )


The clear implication is that the homosexual acts were deliberate choices.

If homosexual behavior were thought to be unchangeable, Scripture would not have said…


“And that is what some of you were [past tense]. But you have been washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6: 11)


“All this are written in the bible” Sharon asked curiously.


“Yes, So you see there is a way out” I said


She nodded, I realized everything I said is getting to her.


I promise to always remember her in my prayers. I believe all things are possible with God.


“Can God really help me?” she asked


“Of course he can, once you believe and you are willing to let go this lifestyle. He said we should ask anything

Tunde called me and informed me he has gotten a job through one of Daniel’s contact. I was really happy for him.


“Is the salary okay” I asked


“#250,000 for a start”


“That’s good”


“I was given a flat and an official car too”


“That’s good, since accommodation is out of it, then you can save better”

I said


“Pamilerin, please thank Daniel for me, although I’ve called him”


“I will, I wish you the very best Tunde, please take good care of yourself”


“Thank you for everything Pamilerin, I will never forget everything you did for me”


“All thanks to God, I pray we all meet at the top.Bye”


“Bye and I wish you and Daniel all the best”


“Thanks” I ended the call and called Daniel’s line to thank him.


“I thought you said you don’t have connections”I said forming seriousness.


“Oh! Tunde called you right”


“Thanks my love, Thank you for doing this for me”


“Anything to make you happy my queen”


“I’m really happy right now, thanks” I said. We talked for awhile before disconnecting the call.




A week to my birthday. Daniel called and asked what my plans are for my birthday.


“I don’t have any plans, I’ll just celebrate it on a low key.

I replied


“Ok, what do you want for your birthday”


“All I want for my birthday is you” I said



“Wow! You have me already”


“Yes and I’m grateful for that”


“Ok then, I’ll see you on your birthday”


On my birthday around 7pm, I heard horns outside the gate. We are not expecting anyone” I thought.


I called on my younger sister to go and check who’s at the gate.

I stood in front of the window to see who it was. She opened the gate and I saw Daniel’s car, followed by Paul’s car. I was surprised, they all called me earlier but they never said they were coming to my house.


Daniel alighted from the car, Sharon alighted too. Paul also alighted from his car with Lizzy. I saw them bringing some things out of the car. I saw drinks, cake and all. I was wowed.

I was just standing there in front of the window, I watched them walked into the house.


“Happy birthday!” they all chorused and hugged me one after the other.


I was so happy. “You did not tell me, you’re planning something” I said as I hugged Daniel.


“I just decided to let you be, since you said you wanted to celebrate on a low key” he said smiling.


“Thank you sweetheart” I said and pecked him.

They all gave me the gifts they got for me except Daniel. I can’t wait to open their gifts.


Lizzy shared the drink and snacks. We snapped and cut the cake. My Parent came back from work and joined us in the celebration.


An hour later, we were through with our small party. I saw them to the compound with my siblings.


“Wont you asked for your birthday gift” he asked him


“ What else can I ask for, you already made my day”


“I want you to ask, so ask me”


“Ok….Daniel can I have my birthday gift?”


“Yes my baby, here is it”

He held a car key before my face.


“Your car is parked outside”

he said


“You bought a car for me?”


“Enough of taking cab, it’s a slap on my face”


I ran towards the gate, I opened the gate and right in front of me I sawa brand new Honda CR- V 2016 model. I looked back and everyone was outside including my parents.


I jumped on him and hugged him.

“Thank you so much my love”


“You are most welcome my darling”


I entered into the car and start the engine, Daniel opened the gate for me and I drove the car into the compound. Everyone congratulated me.


This is my best birthday ever. I’m just a secondary school teacher for crying out loud and here I am with my own car.




Episode 40

I make out time during the week to see my fiancé in his office. I got to his office and told him about Sharon’s sexuality status.

“Lesbian! What the hell!” He shouted.

“Please keep your voice down and take it easy”

“Did you just say I should take it easy, we were properly raised by our parents and grandma. Despite the fact that we were brought up in a land of freedom”

“I understand”

“I can say I’m proud of the man I’d become, why is she different, we had the same upbringing”

“Daniel, you are funny, even twins don’t have the same character. See in the family there’s always a black sheep. It’s the parents that won’t relent on such kid”

But you guys are perfect, your sibling are wonderful”

I smiled, Daniel thinks we are perfect, well all thanks to God. He needs to hear my younger brother’s story, thank God he knew my past.

“My younger brother at a point started exhibiting waywardness. He’s the only boy and I think that God into his head. It got to a stage my Mom almost regret having a male child. My Mom prayed and fasted. They never spared him. With prayers, discipline, corrections and all he changed. He’s doing well for himself now and we are all proud of him”

“Really!” He was surprised.


“The devil is cunning and most time he uses the children to work against the family, but one thing is sure if the parents never relent on those children, and trained them up in the way of the Lord, then they’ll definitely come around”


“Wow! I’m glad you are the mother of my unborn children”


“Daniel it only take God’s grace to raise godly children”

He sat down on the sofa and I sat beside him.


“What could have led Sharon to this lifestyle for Heaven’s sake”

“Maybe she was influenced one way or the other. All she needs now is our help and support”

“You know there was a time, that thought came to me but I shoved it off. How can I be so negligence about my own sister. Gosh!” he hitted his hand against the table in front of him.


“Yes I saw the signs but I ignored it”

“What signs?” I asked

“She doesn’t have any close male friends, even on her phone, the only pictures you get to see are females.

There is this guy, who often visit our home in New York back then, he liked her so much but my sister never gave him audience. I never saw or heard her go on a date.


I thought she avoided male friends because she did not want to be distracted by guys. I never knew she was into women”


“Please keep this to yourself for now, I believe things we get better”


“Of course I have to keep it to myself, my mom will develop sudden high blood pressure if she hears this. In fact she’ll collapse and im not ready to loose my Mom”


“And please take things easy with her when you get home tonight, she must not run away”

“I will try”

“Don’t just try, let’s cease this opportunity that she’s here with you in Nigeria to fix her”

“Ok, I understand”


“I already talked to my Pastor, and a counsellor in my church, we can use their help. I believe she’ll be fine”


He hugged me from behind. “Thank you very much my love, what would I do without you”


“Don’t thank me, she’s my sister too”


“What else can I do to help” he said and turned me around to face him.


“You can get her Christian books that emphasized on ways to stop this act and inspirational book as well. Also our responsibilities is to pour out love without measures to those who are struggling with homosexuality”

“Thanks babe”

“You are welcome. I need to run now”

I left his office relieved. I’m glad he handled it well.



Episode 41

The two families has reached a consensus and the wedding will be happening in two months.

I and Daniel traveled had to New York to see his Parents. My Pastor suggest we leave Sharon behind, so she won’t get to see people who will trigger her old life. So I took her to my house. I was sure she’ll enjoy her stay, my family members are very accomodating.


We spent two weeks in America, I was well received by his parents. His Parent are simple and down to earth. They showered me with love like they’ve known me all their lives. I was treated like a princess, like I was the only daughter in-law in the world.


I realized how much they love and cherish Daniel. I guessed it was that love that was transferred to me. All they are interested in is Daniel’s happiness and they never doubted his choice.


Daniel took me to Los Angeles to see some of his cousins. He’s cousins told me they won’t mind following Daniels footsteps. They want to come to Nigeria to get a wife as well.


One of them even pleaded with me to help him get a wife material ready before the wedding. Since they are coming to Nigeria for the wedding. I told them I’m not good in match making.


Daniel took me out on sight seeing. From Freedom tower to central park, Rockfeller center and Nyc park. I finally saw the statue of liberty live, I only see it on tv. I had a lot of fun, I must confess.


I shopped for the wedding as he promised. He took me to two great bridal stores in New York. Kleinfield and Lovely bridal shop .We bought everything we needed for the wedding including our rings except for my wedding gown. I have great fashion designers in Nigeria who will do justice to that. We have to celebrate, appreciate and embrace the art and talents that we have in our country.





I was alone in Daniel’s home in New York, his parents are not around. Daniel has gone out too, he said he wants to do one or two things around.

I heard the door bell rang, so I went to get the door.


“Hello” I said as I opened the door.

Without asking her in, she brushed pass me and entered into the house. She’s a tall beautiful lady with a chocolate glowing skin.


“I’m sorry ma’am, the occupants of this house are not in, and I don’t know you. What’s your name, so I’ll tell them you called” I said respectfully.


“So you are the Nigerian girl who stole my man right?” she said in an American accent.


“I don’t steal people’s man, please ma’am who are you?”

She checked out the diamond ring on my ring finger and eyed it.


“I heard Nigerian girls are good at hypnotizing men, but you’ve messed with the wrong person”


“Oh! Now I know who you are, his ex!” I said


The word “ex” I altered hitted her like a sledge hammer. She raised her hand to slap me.


“Oh God! History must not repeat itself, Tunde’s girlfriend once slapped me, it must not happen again” I said to myself.


So I quickly cover my cheeks with my two hands with my eyes closed.


Then I heard a voice from behind, I opened my eyes immediately.


This guy is my knight in shinning armor.

[06/03 10:04] Tunrayo Wunmi: Some days later, I called home. I talked with my parent, Sharon and lastly my younger sister Moyin.

Moyin told me she got gist for me, she always has gist.


“Sister mi, things are happening o, God is indeed a miracle working God” she said



“You are talking in parables, what happened, go straight to the point”


“Just guess”


“Moyin! Don’t start this your guessing game”


“Sharon is crushing on Josh”


“Josh…..” I said trying to place the name.


“Our Pastor’s son”

She cut in


“Did he come over to the house?”


“Yes he came last week and ever since then Sharon has been gushing over him”


“Really! God be praise”


“Every time we attend mid week services, she makes sure she sits where he can see him”


“That’s good news, Sharon crushing over a guy?”


“That’s not all o”


“Continue, radio without battery”


“Sister mi!”


“It’s a compliment, you are good at dishing out news”


“Yes and I’m proud to be a carrier of good news”


“Now tell me what I haven’t heard”


“Ehn en, as I was saying before I was interrupted. Josh also called me and ask about her”


“Meaning the feeling is mutual!”


“You get it, so I told her she came from abroad and every information she needed to know but I did not mentioned she was once a lesbian o”


“Good, that’s wise of you”


“Hmm, sister mi, Josh now comes to our house everyday and I know he came purposely to see her. I use to excuse them. They will gist,laugh before he leaves.


“All these in less than two weeks we left Nigeria?”


“Yes o, imagine Josh than doesn’t give ladies face in church”


“Moyin you don’t know how happy I am right now, I never knew God will answer us this way”

I was happy that I started singing.


“I never you will answer me us way……


“Sister me you and Mummy are now the same, I can’t believe you are singing on phone. Can’t you sing when you drop the call?”


“It’s not my fault, I’m just so happy”


“I hear you”


“Let me thank God now, this can only be God, He did it”


“Yes o, in fact Mummy too has noticed there closeness”


“If that’s God will for her, then things will fall in place naturally. Thanks sis, Daniel needs to hear this, I have to go now”


“Bye sis, hope you shopped for me as well”


“Sure, we’ll talk later bye”

I ended the call.

I can’t wait to give Daniel the full gist.


Back to Nigeria.


Daniel’s driver came to pick us from the airport, they drop me off first, everyone was happy to see us. My Parents gave us a warm welcome. Daniel told her sister she’ll come back for her and he left with his driver.


Hours later while unpacking, I was in the room alone with Sharon. She also assisted me in arranging things.


“Sharon who is Josh?” I asked as I unpack.


“This is Moyin’s handiwork, she will get it from me when she gets back” she said laughing.


“Just answer my question, leave Moyin out of this for now. Who is Josh o”


“Josh is your Pastor’s son”


“And you don’t think I know that already”


“Okay….he’s a friend”


“Is that all” I said with a smile.


“And I kind of have a soft spot for him”


“Gbam! I finally hear it from the horse’s mouth”


“It’s nothing”


“Says who! it’s something. Sharon, you liked a guy for the very first time in your life”


“Daniella, I find it hard to believed too, i think God has changed me”


“Not that you think, He has changed you, He answered our prayers”


“Yes he does. Thank you so much, You stood by me all through and never judge me” She said and hugged me.


“Let’s give all thanks to God, we couldn’t have done this without Him”


“You need to thank your family on my behalf, they’ve been so sweet to me, I felt at home. In fact I don’t want to go back home.


“Really, I’m happy you enjoyed your stay here, but I’m sure your brother won’t allow you to stay. All the same you can always come here anytime, it’s your house now.


She hugged me again. “I love you even more than my Daniel” She said smiling.


I laughed. “I doubt that but I love you too my darling”


“Whats going on here” Moyin said as she entered my room.


“Nothing, miss nosy” Sharon countered.

And we all laughed.


Daniel came some days after to pick her sister. We all wished she could stay, she also felt reluctant to follow Daniel, but Daniel insisted.

Daniel thanked my Parents for their hospitality.

I sneaked Sharon out of the sitting room hurriedly.

“You have his number right?” I asked immediately we got to the corridor.


“Josh, call him and let him know you’ve gone back to your brothers place”

“I will”

“You can tell him he’s free to visit you anytime at your brother’s place”

“OK, thanks sis, you are more than a sister in-law to me” she smiled and hugged me.

Moyin helped her with her bags, she knelt down and thanked my parents. I can’t believe she knelt down. I’m very sure that’s my mom’s handiwork, Sharon must be a fast learner. I was impressed