Episode 25

Some weeks later, Mr Paul and I were at Daniel’s house. We were all chatting, gisting and laughing while I and Daniel were doing a little lovey dovey.

“I’m I missing something here?” Mr Paul faced the two of us asking nobody in particular.

“We are now dating” Daniel informed

“Wow! At last, I wondered what took you guys so long” he said and congratulated us.

“Thank you” we both chorused.

“I think I should be on my way now, so I can give you guys some time alone” he said.

“No you don’t have to go, we don’t need any time alone” I said

“I never intend to stay long before. I think we should all have a dinner together, now that you two are now an item. My fiancée will tag along as well”

“Good idea, we are in” Daniel jumped at the offer.

“Lets make it next weekend then”

“Next weekend is fine. Daniella is it ok by you” Daniel asked me

“Yes, it’s OK, I should be free next weekend, I really want to meet Mr Paul’s fiancé too” I said

“Next week it is then, good bye. You guys should have fun and please Daniella enough of this Mr Paul”

“I’ll try, because I’m already used to calling you Mr Paul”

“Please try” He said

“And please Mr…. Sorry Paul, hope you still have me in mind, you promise to get me a job” I reminded him.

“That’s not my fault o, Daniel doesn’t want you to work for anybody”

“So you guys have been talking behind my back, right”

“Don’t make it sound like we are gossiping” Mr Paul replied

“Men discuss, we don’t gossip” Daniel added.

“Whatever, Mr Daniel! do you have another job for me” I asked him.

“So I’m the Mr now!”

“Just answer my question” I hitted him playfully

“Relax, I’m still thinking, I’ll come up with something”

“Mr…sorry, Paul did you hear that?

He will fix it, don’t worry. See you guys next week” Paul stood up and adjusted his shirt.

We saw him off to the parking lot. The gateman opened the gate for him and he zoomed out.


Episode 26

There’s something about the past, it always have it’s

way of catching up on you.

That week was not so good, Tunde is not helping

matters either, he bombarded me with text since I’ve

stopped picking his calls. Daniel calls everyday but I

still sounded cold. I want to tell him everything, but I

lacked the effrontery.

“When will you get out of this mood for God sake?” he

asked me during our conversation over the phone.

“I’m fine” I said

“This weekend is our double date you know”

“I’m sorry I forgot” Sincerely I did not remember, I

already have enough on my plate.

“I’ll come pick you up early so we could sought out

things before the dinner date in the evening”

“Ok I’ll be expecting you” I said

“See you on Friday. I love you”


“Daniella, I said I love you”

“I heard you Dee, I’ll see you on friday”

I was worried, I knew it’s wrong for me to withhold the

truth from him. All I need is the courage to say it.


On Friday he got to my house around 6pm.

“Nice dress, you look gorgeous”

“Thanks” I said with a faint smile.

We got talking in his car and I think his charms worked

on him. I felt free with him again.

Some minutes later, we left my place and headed

straight to the restaurant.

A table for four has already been booked.

On entry into the restaurant Mr Paul sorry Paul waved

at us. We joined him and his fiancée. We all settled


Paul did the introduction, it was nice meeting Lizzy,

she’s fair, average height and she’s beautiful. Paul and

Lizzy looks good together.

“Hmm, I always knew you have eyes for good things”

Daniel said pointing to Paul.

“Look who’s talking” Paul said teasingly.

A waiter came by and we all placed our orders. We all

introduced ourselves briefly. We talked about growing

up and all.

From our conversation, I got to know little about Lizzy,

she’s a banker by profession. One more thing i like

Lizzy already, she’s simple, down to earth and the way

she comport herself wowed me. “This man is really

lucky” I said to myself.

The evening was great. Paul also informed us they’ll be

getting married in three month. Daniel and I

congratulated them.

Daniel took me home after our date.

He stopped in front of my house, alighted and helped

me with the door.

“Good night my love” he said

when I steeped out of the car.

“Good night Dee”

He held my face in his palms and kissed me good




Episode 27

Two weeks later, Daniel came to my house during the

week and we are in his car parked in my compound

when he changed the topic.

“Daniella I have a feeling that you are hiding something

from me. Is there anything you think I should know

about you. I mean both past and present” he asked.

I jerked when he mentioned the past. Many things were

going through my mind. I don’t know whether to tell

him the truth or not about my past.

“Dee I already told you about my ex and that’s the only

guy I’ve been with before you. The only thing I can say

for now is that I’m not a saint ”

“I’m not a saint either, but if there is anything I need to

know please don’t hesitate to tell me, I don’t like


OK, that was all I said and that changed my mood

again. He left some minutes later.

I got back to my room, I took my bath and was about to

sleep when I received a text message. It was from my

ex Tunde. I click on the message and it read.

“You don’t want to come back to me because of that

Americana right. Don’t worry, he will soon dump you

once he finds out the truth about you”

“So Tunde has been stalking me” I said to my self. Now

he’s even planning on blackmailing me. I wonder why

he refused to leave me alone. I called him back.

“So you can actually call me, my baby is scared right”

he said

“Who is your baby, I can see some nuts are loosened

in your brain, you this shameless loser” I said

He laughed ” Really!”

“Get this straight into that thick skull of yours, I will

never be yours”

He threatened me, he even gave me one week

ultimatum. He said its either I come back to him all

he’ll spill the beans.

I was shocked when he told me he knew Daniel’s

office. I know for sure that’s he’s talking about the

abortions. Now I have no other choice than to tell

Daniel. it’s better he hears it from me than from that

loser ex of mine.

Daniel also called me that night before I went to bed.

He told me he knew I’m hiding something from him but

he said I should take all my time. He said he won’t

push me to say anything I’m not ready to share. He

said his good night and ended the call.

“Now is the time, I have to tell him everything” I said

to myself [truncated by WhatsApp]


Episode 28

The following week, I called Daniel on. I told him I’ll come to his office after school.

I got to Daniel’s office later that afternoon, I wasn’t in a good mood and of course he noticed Immediately I stepped into his office.

“Have your sit” he said and I sat on the sofa.

“What can I offer you” he asked

“Nothing, I’m OK”

“What’s eating you up sweetheart?”

”I came to tell you about my past”

“I’m listening” he said and sat beside me.

I suddenly went dumb. I tried to speak but words are not coming out.

“Daniella go ahead, you can talk to me”

Still I couldn’t talk, I was just staring at the floor.

“Is it that bad? Did you kill someone, are you an ex convict, do you do drugs or you have a child? He bombarded me with questions.

“ I wished I had a child but I don’t because I aborted it”

“What?” Abortion!”

Despite the fact that abortion is legalized in the state, Daniel detest it.

“You murder an harmless child? You should have prevented that by using protection”

I didn’t say a word, I just sat down crying silently. He went back to his sit and said nothing.

“My ex want me back, he threatened to tell you himself if I don’t break up with you and come back to him”

“And that is why you are here”

“Please don’t put it that way, I didn’t mean to hide it from you”

“Daniella! you are not even planning to tell me before, but you could tell me now because your ex is blackmailing you?”

“I’ve always wanted to tell you, I just lack the courage to do it earlier”

“And you expect me to buy that?”

“I’m sorry Dee, maybe I don’t even deserve you in the first place” I said

He didn’t say a word, he was just staring at me. For like 15min, the room was quiet.

“Please say something” I pleaded

“I need time to process all this and please I want to be alone” he said

I couldn’t believe he just walked me out of his office indirectly. Tears started streaming on my cheek.

I stood up, cleaned my face with my face towel and left his office. With all hopes lost, to be sincere I don’t know where all this will end.