Episode 17

“What exactly happened” I asked Mr Paul anxiously.

“My cousin said Daniel had problem with the company he’s working with in the states. He’s employer doesn’t want him to resign, I heard he’s the brain behind the company, so a lawsuit had been filed against him”

“Oh my God, why are this white people like this, so they expect their employees to work under them for the rest of their lives?”

“That’s what they do over there, they are Ready to pay for your brain till it stop functioning. I even heard they tripled he’s pay and still he insisted he’s leaving”

“Do they have to file a lawsuit? That’s extreme for crying out loud”

“He’s been doing some running around, just to win the case. I think he purposely kept it a way from us, especially you, he did not want you to worry for him”

“It is well at least now we know what to pray on, they will drop that lawsuit by God’s grace”

“I believe he’ll scale through”

“Amen, thanks you so much Mr Paul”

“You don’t have to thank Mr, Daniel is my friend too”

“I hope his absence didn’t affect anything here?” I asked

“Not at all, I’ve put things on hold till he comes back” he replied

“Ok” We talked a little about me, before we ended the call.


Days turns to weeks, weeks turns to months and I didn’t hear from him.

Mr Paul had been very friendly, he called and we hang out once in a while.

Then one faithful day, my phone rang, i checked the callers ID and guess who called?

“Daniel!” I almost screamed

“Daniella, I’m sorry I’ve wronged you, I’m very sorry for the silence all this why. Things are beyond me

“I understand, I’m just happy to hear your voice

“Daniella I starred at my phone every night before I go to bed but I couldn’t bring myself to call you”

“Those people almost torn me apart, but God intervened, I won the lawsuit”

“Thank God “ I almost screamed. I was so happy.

“Yes, I won, I did not only win, I was paid compensation money worth millions of dollars including my entitlement”

“I’m so happy Daniel, finally. I want to hear the full gist, what really happened. Didn’t you notify them that you’re leaving?

“Off course I did, I submitted my resignation six month before I came to Nigeria”

“Really that’s enough notice, what exactly is now their problem”

“The only problem they have is me leaving the company. You can’t believe I was framed up”

“Are you for real?”

“I was told to pay some ridiculous amount of money, if I want the law suit to be dropped”

“Why are this white people like this! They are racist, I’m sure they can’t do these to a white man”

“They think they can buy people over with money, they use your brain and expect to work under them till your brain is inefficient”

“I heard you are the brain behind the company”

“I won’t dispute that and I’m been paid handsomely. But I just want to leave, but now is over, I’m a free man”

“Congratulations once again” I said

“I’m I forgiven?”

“You did not offend me, I shut people out to when I’m going through hard times so I understand”

“Thanks for your understanding. I really miss talking to you”

“Same here” I said smiling

“I’m coming back next month, I need to tidy up some things here”

“Alright, we’ll be expecting you”

“I promise to talk to you ever day till I return”



Episode 18

Every thing went back to normal, Daniel is just too wonderful while Mr Paul was always checking on me.

With this new relationship between the three of us, I forgot everything about the past and looked forward to the future.

On Saturday Morning, Mr Paul came to my house to pick me up. We went to see the house on the island. It took us two good hours to get there, the traffic was so much. He parked in front of a mighty building.

“Here we are” he said as we both alighted from the car.

“A mansion! Why is he renting a mansion is he bringing the whole of America?”

Mr Paul was just starring at me

“Why did he want to rent such a big place like this all to himself?” I asked Mr Paul.

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“He’s buying it, not renting it”

“Maybe I miss that part when we were discussing about the house”

“Moreover, he’s not getting younger, I know he’ll be planning to settle down soon”

“Hmm, ok”

“Also he’s family members might decide to come to Nigeria to visit him anytime” Mr Paul added.

“That’s true” I nodded.

We check out the house together and I was pleased with what I see.

“Wow! This is beautiful” I said in amazement.

“You like it?”

“Yes and you said you need my approval, who will disapprove this kind of house, it’s so beautiful” I commended


Episode 19

It was a big beautiful structured building with a nice garden. The compound is very spacious, it has a parking garage. The interior has nine bedroom(master bedroom included),main office, library, main hall, dining, kitchen, swimming pool, a full size inner tennis court and wine cellar, all are divided by different floors.

We met with the agent who was already waiting for us there. We exchanged greetings and he opened the gate and show us around.

“Mr Paul, I love this place and I’m very sure Daniel will like it”

“So can I make the payment now?” he asked

“Sure” I replied

The agent told us since we are ready to buy the mansion, we have to come to their office to finalize the process. He told us we’ll need a lawyer. Mr Paul call his lawyer, gave him the office address and told him to meet us there.

20mins later we were at the office. We waited for some minutes for the lawyer to show up.

They also signed some documents, made all all necessary transactions. Mr Paul’s lawyer was also there, he signed. I also signed too as a witness.

The keys to the house, all the documents of the house, including the c/o was handed over to Mr Paul.

From there, we went to the interior décor’s office. She said she has to see the mansion first, so we had to drive back to the house.

When we got to the house, she looked around, then we all put heads together to choose what will suit the house. Although Mr Paul and the Lady still ensured I gave the final say.

I ask her if she can fixed everything within a week and she said that’s not a problem that she has enough helping hands to put things in place.

She informed us that she’ll be through in five working days. Mr Paul gave her the spare keys and promise to come around during the week to check things out. By the time we were through it’s already 6pm. I was exhausted.

We went to a nearby restaurant and took some snacks and drink. While eating Mr Paul told me, we have to pick another day to check out Daniel’s company, since it’s already late. I told him we can do that next week Saturday after inspecting the interior decorations.

Mr Paul offered to take me home but I told him not to bother. I told him I’ll take a cab that we take me straight home. It’s getting late and I know traffic will be heavy by now. I don’t want to add to his stress. He disagree at first, but he later agreed after pleading with him. He called a cab man for me and paid the Tfare. I thanked him before leaving.


Episode 20

I got home around 8: 30pm, I was so tired. I called Mr Paul to let him know I’m home and I cease the opportunity to thank him for everything, he was such a selfless man.

He even apologized for taking all of my time, but I told I was glad to be of help.

I took my bath went to the kitchen to grab my dinner.

I was almost through with my dinner when Daniel’s call came through.

I picked the call and he thanked me for everything, he said he was sorry for stealing my weekend. I guessed Mr Paul had already called him and related the event of the day to him.

He sounded very grateful for the helped I rendered, but I told him to thank Mr Paul more.

During the week, I make it a point of duty to call Mr Paul to ask how far the interior decoration is going. On Friday he called and informed me that everything has been fixed. I was glad the interior lady fulfilled her promise.

I was in school teaching, when I heard my phone rang. I checked the caller ID, it was Daniel. I excused myself and went outside the classroom to receive the call.

“Hello, how are you doing?”

“I’m good, I’m at work”

“I’m sorry, I’ll call back if you are busy”

“ I can still spare some minutes” I said

“I have good news, I want you to be the first person I’ll share with” he said with enthusiasm.

“I’m all ears, what’s the good news?”

“I got two contracts from two universities in Nigeria. My company will be handling their IT department. One of the university is a private university.

“Wow! Congratulations, I’m so happy to hear this news, so work is actually waiting for you in Nigeria”

“Yes, thanks. Let me run now, I’ll get back at you later”

“Alright then, bye” I said before the line went off.

I was really happy for him, Nigerians trust people who came from abroad more, they believed they would have gathered experiences from abroad. I’m sure that will be one of the criteria they considered in given him the contract.

On Saturday, I went to the mansion to check out the place. I met Mr Paul there too. Everything was sweet and perfect. He drove me to Daniel’s company. It has few offices but many cubicles each cubicle has his own system. The place was nice too.

He showed me Daniel’s office, it was a glass office, very spacious and well furnished.

His office reminded me of Harvey Specter’s office in “Suit” TV series.

I commended his effort, although he said Daniel designed everything himself.

He offered to take me home and I obliged.

We discuss a lot on our way to my house. His phone rang and he received it via a Bluetooth device. He told the person on the other side of the line that he’ll be back in two hours time. I heard him say I love you before he ended the call.

“Your girlfriend? I asked inquisitively.

“Fiancée” he corrected

“She’s a lucky girl” I said smiling


“Yes, she’s lucky to have someone like you. I envy her you know”

“Hmm, if you say so, but I think any man that married you is a lucky guy too”

“ You think so?”

“I know so, I already told her a lot about you and Daniel. Don’t worry you will meet her. Maybe when Daniel comes back”

“I can’t wait to meet her”

“Her name is Elizabeth, but she’s fondly call Lizzy, I call her Lizzy too. We have a dinner date tonight” he informed me.

“That’s cool”

He dropped me off in front of my house.

“Thanks for the ride”

“You are welcome”

“Greet your fiancee for me and enjoy your dinner date”

“Sure I will, thanks” he said and left.


I and Mr Paul were at the Airport to receive Daniel. The three of us hugged one another other, it was like we are all one family. He later hugged us separately.

“I told you I’ll be back” he whispered softly to my ears as he hugged me.

“And I’m so going to give you a tough time here” I whispered back and smiled.

“ Bring it on” he said and we both laughed.

Mr Paul pretended as if he didn’t see us. Before we left the airport, he changed the dollars on him to naira.

Mr Paul drove us to his new apartment, the guys were at the front while I sat at the back seat. He already hired a gateman who opened the gate for us.

He packed in the parking lot and we all alighted. Daniel was impressed, although he has seen the picture of the house even before it was paid for, but seeing is believing like the saying goes.

We entered into the mansion and he opened his mouth wide. I was so scared, I can’t place his expression…