Episode 5

The next day came, I prayed to the God my mother serves that morning in tears because I did not have the nerve to refer to him as my God at that moment knowing what I’m up to. I also prayed for my mother. I called her full name in my prayer.

“Abigail Oluwadbunmi Isaac, o ni foju sukun omo, Ina omo oni jo e loruko Jesu” Meaning: (Abigail Oluwabunmi Isaac, you we not weep over your child and You won’t loose any of your children)

I felt that prayer needed to be said in my language.


We set out with no hospital in mind. We saw a hospital and decided to try it. We are about to enter the gate and something stopped me. I tried to take another step but its like there’s a force pulling me back. Right there I knew it was a sign.

“Tunde! I’m not setting my foot inside this hospital, let’s check out another one”

He looked at me and he was like what’s going on.

“What’s wrong with this one nau, let’s go in first and make enquiries”

“No, I said firmy. My spirit is against this hospital”

We continued our search and came across another hospital and we decided to give it a try.

We entered into the hospital, I walked up to one of the Nurses at the reception and told her I wanted to see a doctor.

She brought out a form for me to fill. I filled it and gave it back to her.

She told me to go back to the reception to sit that the doctor will call me in.

I joined Tunde at the reception, some minutes later, I was called.

I entered the doctor’s office with Tunde. We exchanged greetings. He asked me some questions including why I wanted the abortion and I gave my answers.

He discovered I was a student and She asked for my School ID card which I showed him.

He told me I’m going to take another pregnancy test which I did. He directed me to the hospitals laboratory.

Deep down within me, I was hoping the result will come out negative, that is the only thing that can put a stop to this nightmare, but unfortunately the result came out positive.

An hour later, we were back in his office with the result.

He checked the result and documented it, he also wrote down somethings on the case note.

“Are you responsible for the pregnancy?” he asked facing Tunde.

“Yes sir” he answered.

“Did you agree to the evacuation?”The doctor asked

“Yes sir, it was our decision” he replied

The doctor brought out a form and gave it to him”

“You have to feel this consent form, which will serve as an evidence that you agree to the whole process”

“I just told you I did”

The doctor smiled. “You know we have heard of some cases of guys who sued hospitals for aborting there babies without their consent. So you see there must be a proper documentation”

Tunde nodded and filled the consent form. The doctor gave us the bill and told us to go and pay to the cashier. The fee was quite expensive. It’s a big hospital, so I already envisaged this.

“This is too much” he said as soon as we step out of the doctor’s office”

“Seriously! So you would have preferred we go to a quack ehn? See I won’t let you ruin my life, if anything happens in the future, you will look for an alternative” I said giving him a scornful look. To be sincere I’m beginning to hate him.

“Wait! Where is that coming from?”

I ignored him, I went to the cashier and paid. I already withdraw enough money from the ATM machine that morning.

After the payment, I was told to sit in the waiting room beside the OR( operating room)

I was there alone. I called my cousin and told her my plight just in case anything happen to me. I told her the name of the hospital and all she needed to know.

The doctor called me into the OR, I saw the instruments on the table and ran out.

“ I can’t do this” I cried

He asked one of the nurses to call my boyfriend. He came and encouraged me but I was scared. The doctors decided to give me anesthesia to put me to sleep.

Hours later, I woke up. I saw my boyfriend, doctor and two of the nurses staring at me.

They were all sweating profusely despite the fact that the air condition is on. I look at

Tunde’s eyes, they were red, its like he has been crying.

What’s going on here” I asked, terrified.


Episode 6
A year later, we are actually in our final year.

We heard a shocking news. The news is on tv, radio, every where. A particular hospital was raided by the police, report got to them that the owner of the hospital is fetish.

He uses pregnant women for rituals. Especially those that came for abortion, He uses both the fetus and mother for rituals. Many girls has been reported to die on his operating table. The news has already spread across the whole city.

Tunde and I were shocked, this is the same hospital I almost entered to have an abortion.

“No wonder you said your spirit did not agree with that hospital” Tunde said still in shock.

“I would have been a victim too” I said

I did not know where the tears came from, I cried. So God answered my prayer that day, I know He did not do it for me but He did it for my mother. The prayer I prayed for my mother who has served Him diligently with her whole heart was answered.

“This is nothing but pure grace, indeed our grace differs” I said to myself.

That very minute I made a promise that I will serve him all the rest of my life.

Everything went well between us, My love for him waxed stronger.

We both graduated with a first class. Tunde was the second best overall student.

Months later, Went for service. We served in different states but things was going on smoothly between us.

Yes, we have everything all planned out, we are getting married once we are through with service and start working.

Is Tunde really the guy for Pamilerin. Did he even love her as much as he claims…???…??????

Episode 7

After youth service I tried so hard to get a job but to no avail, then I resolved to teaching.

I got a teaching job in a private secondary school in Lagos where I was been paid #20,000 has salary. Luckily for me I had some students I coach privately.

The school is trekable from my house, so I don’t get to use up all my salary on transport. Also because I stay with my parent, my feeding too was covered.

Tunde got a job in a private firm where he’s been paid #40,000 monthly salary. We still both search for better offer by applying for jobs online, with the hope of getting a bigger paying job. We plan to settle down when we get a better offer.


All of a sudden, I noticed Tunde stopped calling, unlike before when he calls at least twice a day.

I now do the calling, he act so cold on phone. I ask him what the problem was and he said it’s work, that he use to come back late and tired and just go straight to bed.

I was worried sick, wandering what was going on because the Tunde I use to know won’t go to bed without saying good night to me.

My house is very far from his, so I can only go to his place on weekends. I called one of the weekends to inform him that I’m coming and he said he now goes to work on Saturdays.

Some weeks later, I got a call from him, I was surprised. “Tunde remembered me today. Maybe he has realized his mistakes” I thought. So I picked the call.


“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m good” I replied

Babe! see I’m sorry for this past days have been very busy, work is hectic and I just hope you understand”

“I don’t understand, Tunde you are not the only one working, why you allow your so called work to get in the way of our relationship is what I don’t get” I stated.

“See I’m very sorry….

“Tunde hear yourself, so you are so busy that you can’t make a 30secs call, I’m not even asking you to call but at least you should pick mine if you can’t make the call”

“Pamilerin I know I’ve taken it too far but I promise to make it up to you” he pleaded.

I couldn’t believe my ears, so he could apologize to me. “ its OK, just promise you’ll always find time for us, even in your busy schedules.

“I promise babe, are we good now”

“Yes we are” I smiled. At last he has come back to his senses.

“Can you come over on Saturday, I’ve missed you”

“Are you not going to work?”

“No, I’m free this Saturday”

He’s sudden change of attitude still baffles me, is he playing pranks on me or something?” I wondered.

“Hello, are you still there” his voice brought me out of reverie.

“I’m here, I’ll come on Saturday”

“Good, that’s my girl. See you on Saturday then. I love you

He has hurt my feeling repeatedly, that I can’t even tell if I still love him or not.

“I love you too”I replied

I was at his place on Saturday. I cooked for him, he ate. After eating, he started making sexual advances at me.

“Tunde! I’m not here for this, what we need now is not se.x. I think we should talk”

“Talk about what again”

“Tunde what do you take me for, a door mat?”

“Where is that coming from now”

“We are drifting apart,I don’t know if you feel what I’m feeling”

“See there’s nothing to talk about we are fine”

Before I could say jack, he was all over me. At first I did not respond, How will I sleep with someone who doesn’t treat me right or make me happy.

He stopped when he noticed my coldness towards him.

“Everything will be fine now I promise” he assured me.


“Babe I love you, I miss you” he said kissing every part of my body.

I gave in, maybe he meant every word he altered.

Tunde practiced all kinds of stunts on me. I’m very sure he’s been seeing adult films lately, because those moves are out of this world. He made me do all manner of dirty things I can’t start talking about.

After he had satisfied himself, he fell on his bed and slept off.

I cried as I watched him sleep, I felt dirty, I felt like trash. My whole body was aching.

I woke him up when I was ready to leave.

“Tunde! I’m leaving” I tapped him

“OK, you can leave I’ll give you a call”

I couldn’t believe my ears, even a prostitute doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

“I said I’m leaving, won’t you see me off?” I said angrily.

“See, babe I’m tired, please let me be, it’s that too much to ask” he barked at me.

“Fine! Go ahead and sleep, honestly I can’t blame you, I’m the one who played the fool” I said and stormed out of his apartment.
Episode 8
I got back home and rushed into the bathroom, I opened the shower, sat down on the titled floor and wept. I took my sponge and scrubbed every part of my body, just to wash his filthy hands off me. I was in the bathroom for God knows how many hours. In the bathroom, I thought of so many things, it was a time of reflection for me.

“Enough is enough, I think it’s time to go back to God” I said to myself

I came back into the room, knelt down and cried to God for forgiveness. I made a promise to God never to indulge in any sexual act again until I get married.

I made so many promises to serve, obey him and all. I put off my phone and slept.

The next day I put on phone and his message pop in.

He apologized for what happened the previous day. I was still reading his text when his call came in. I decided to pick it after several rings.

“Baby, I’m so sorry, I was really tired yesterday”

I didn’t say a word and he continued ranting over the phone.

“Baby please say something”

“What do you want me to say, when did you become this bad, this is not you”

“Please just forgive me, please….”

“Hope this won’t happen again?” i asked

“It will never happen again, I promise” he replied

“I have a condition” I said

“What’s the condition”

“No more sex”

He laughed. “I know you are saying this because you are angry, all the same, I’ve heard you”

“You are laughing right! you think I’m joking, I’m dead serious”

“I’ve heard you, is that all?”

“Yes, for now”

“OK my love, I’ll talk to you later”

He ended the call and I couldn’t help but cry.

Am I in a right relationship?” I asked myself.


He acted normal for a month. He calls and even visited me twice and after that Tunde shut down again like Nigeria’s electricity.

I was so preoccupied, the only day I can meet him at home is Sunday. But now Sunday is out of it because my schedules are tight on Sundays too. Ever since the last incident, I’ve been committed in Church.

After church service I’ll have to attend meetings upon meetings and by 5pm I’ll have to be in the house fellowship which I can’t afford to miss being the new house fellowship leader.

For like two months I did not set my eyes on him. Now he doesn’t pick my calls and of course he never return my calls. The reality of loosing him now hit me. I cried my eyes out when it dawn on me that my 5years relationship is crumbling before my very eyes.

Everybody knew us to be an item, my family, his family, friends, What will I tell them. It’s 4months gone and we did not see each other despite the fact that we both stay in the same Lagos. I called my cousin, Joy and told her what was going on.

“Pamilerin, don’t stop calling him”

“Even if he’s not picking my calls?”

“Yes, keep on calling and please create time and go see him . So that it can be said of youthat you did your best”

“I’ve heard you. I’ll find time and check on him”


On Sunday, I decided not to attend all my Sunday meetings just for me to see him. I went to his house but to my surprise, I met the room empty. I was told he had moved out, the guy I met in his compound said he had no idea of where he relocated to.

The guy asked how come I never he knew he relocated. I took his question for an insult. But he is right, how will my boyfriend move out without my knowledge

“Do you remember the last time you visited him?” he asked.

I nodded “Ehn ehn! He moved out the second day”

My hand bag and phone fell from my hand.

“Are you sure of what you just said?”

“Yes, I’m sure because I asked after you when he was parking and he said you left the previous evening”

I refused to believe the guy. Tunde had another friend in the compound, I checked on him, but he was not around. I left the place troubled, I called him severally and he did not pick my calls.

I returned home in the evening and I texted him, he called back and told me he’ll come to my house the next weekend, I asked him where he relocated to but he refuse to disclose his new address…

…to be continued in the next episode