The educational system in Nigeria and other developing ountries is not well organised due to so many negative factors.

Out of these negative factors, the negligence and un motivated behaviour of lecturers has led the poor grade of students.

Therefore we shall discuss briefly on these acts;

1. They skip lectures

Lecturers are fun of this act by skipping lectures for private business. The only time seriousness is shown is few weeks to exam by bombarding students with lectures as they fix it at inconvenient time.

2. They Lecture instead of teaching

The difference between teaching and lecturing is understanding. Most if not all our lecturers dictate notes for students and rarely explain the meaning of the topics.

3. They set exam questions which were never taught in class

I recall my 200 level days on a management course which I read my notebook from start to finish but when the exam question came, I was just staring at the questions like a slow poke. I thought I was the only one thrown off hook but trust greatest nigerian students who turned the school upside down through mass protest.

4. They program evil mindset for students

Because a lecturer has poor grade, he will vent that anger on students by marking them down.

5. They mis-handle test and exam scripts

Some of our lecturers don’t have good keeping record let alone arrange document in an orderly manner. In the process of handling test or exam scripts, they misplace some of it as the affected students clamour for poor grade when the result is release.

6. They fail students who refuse their sexual advances

When a student turn down their sexual advances which is a common act for male lecturers, they fail the student without thinking twice.

7. They fix short notice for test and examination

This is an act lecturers enjoy doing by fixing impromptu test or short notice for exam. They deliberately do this to register mass failure for students.

8. They download meaningless hand-out from Internet

I remember a lecturer who gave us meaningless hand-out as we conducted a research to discover that he downloaded it from Internet. The next time he came, we asked him to explain his last handout but he stylishly avoided our question for a vague discussion.