Conspicuously,i’m not generalizing here but majority of our lecturers, in higher institution are so lackadaisical, sarcastic and so corrupt.despite the way most student try to study hard,so as to excel immensely.
i’m so sure many people here,that is still in school or perhaps graduated,can really affirm this.without further ado.the things i so dislike about some of them are;

1. Boasting to their student,that they cant score a certain high mark,in their course.(chai!.like make i break bottle for my lecturer head, when him dey yarn us like this..why i come dey attend class then?.mtchew!).

2.if you dont buy my handout or textbook,you have automatically failed my course..(chai! wey be say na 001 level i dey take chop.okay now).

3. if you dont pay me a certain amount of money(bribe), i wont score you well. (your fada!.after i don read sotay,i promise myself say even advert or signboard,i no go read am when we don finish exam.)

4. meet me at a rendezvy,hotel or guest house,if you dont want me to fail you,woefully. (kai!.i do pity innocent female and male student,that falls into this kind of randy lecturers hand..(thunder wey go fire am eh,dey do press up).

5. the ones that gives you AOC (AREA OF CONFUSION)..nasoo engr ade arrange tutorial for us,come dey give us GOD say make i sha read all the handout,before exam..olooofo!..osooofo nibikibi,ti o ba wa ni ooo!..

6.the ones that lectures you 1+1=2 during class,gives you 2x+4=6 (find x),as assignment, and finally. 4x+3y-6xy+2z=14 (find xyz) as exam question..(ah!..ah!!..ah!!! sapoona and ayelalaa,na him go strike you down..werey.oloshi!.)lol 

well the list is can add yours….

na GOD go dey continue to help we student oooo..tankiu…