Wida you?, which umbrella dey cover you?, I don bam rugged, if you try me i go trow you OVB (overboard i.e to kill ).Such are the senseless cum vain phrases of those that have belonged to one cult group or the other.

We will give you protection, We will help you to get connections abroad, we will make sure you graduate from this school as a “first class student” even without reading your books, such are the empty promises which they use to entice their preys.

Starting many years back in our different institutions “Cultism” is the act of students indulging in illegal and promiscuous activities which puts their lives in extreme danger, “survive by all means or die trying”. I said students because students are the main targets and victims of this societal menace. Cultism has crippled so many bright futures, it has descimated, battered and shattered the joy of so many families thereby crumbling their hopes, and  leaving their fate in shambles.

Cultism is no longer a new story in our societies, infact, it now lives among us. Some people are fed up with the whole  thing but cannot come out from cultism due to the blood oath they took during their initiation thereby fulfilling one of their frequent slangs “you don enter, to commot no easy”. Most of them becomes fugitives, rogues, vagrants, vagabonds, due to various reckless activities they indulged in, during their hay days in active cultism, ranging from  looting, rape, kidnapping, murder, and the ochestration of the battle of supremacy popularly known as “HITS”  between rival cults which leads to insurmountable blood shed and loss of lives. The aftermath of these occultic activities renders them utterly useless, except they embrace the peace and pardon which the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ offers. Cultism, can it ever stop, can those harboring it in mind to join “cultism” be able to envisage the negative things that accompanies Cultism. We need to accentuate the negativities of cultism in recent times.

2013 After the final exams for finalists, I was going out with big sis when we met a guy who almost had his left arm  axed off, he lied about armed robbers attacking him But looking at his chest we saw a “charm-like” stuff meant for  protection and also saw his yellow uniform then it dawned on us that we were dealing with a cultist. to cut it all short, the opposition sides caught him tried hacking his neck But he got lucky and defended with his left arm Which left it   hanging on a piece of skin.

The recent hit that took place in ALVAN IKOKU FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION left about three  students dead and some others injured. Those that died during the hit,what was their gain, if not a coffin and a little yet unfurnished ,self con underground room called “grave”. Their hopes,dreams, future and talent has just crumbled in the corridors of “CULTISM”.
Here comes the big question, where will they spend eternity? What will they tell God?
Attimes, I ask myself this question, can a person of my ilk actually give in to “Cultism” just because someone told me about the fatansies of being a cultist, fantasies that doesn’t exist, these questions leaves me with negative weird  feelings which makes me to detest cultism the more.

Cultism will be eradicated if those intending to join this pogrom movement that focuses on crippling the budding  future of the youths can be able to realize that they stand to gain nothing in cultism.
Reject and do away with any occultic relationship, don’t entangle yourself with them, because you definitely stands to gain nothing.