Education is important and I also encourage people to explore their talents and do something with them. I don’t think it is right to be lazy and just take the first job you can get after collage.

In Norway there is a very high number of students and the number of people wanting to study increases every year. Norway gives a lot of economical support to students and this has partially caused the increasing number of students. It might sound good that a country has a lot of knowledge in the population but it has actually caused that there are too many people graduating as economists today. We are talking about 30 000 too many within 2030. This is not good since it might lead to lack of people in other professions and health sector, schools and so on lack a lot of people because people tend to apply for high status professions.

There is a common norm in the Norwegian society that you need at least a master degree to be accepted in the society. A master degree has gotten the same status as a bachelor degree and a bachelor degree today is almost worthless. There are many people that have 2-3 master degrees in Norway and that worries me a bit. It can lead to the fact that the Norwegian population can be overeducated.

Therefor I want to ask the question; is higher education for everyone? My answer to this question is no. The society needs to recognise the work of plumbers, electricians and farmers as well. What would happen to the country if we did not have any people being willing to take jobs at schools and working with elderly? It would not work off course.

You should not work as an economist if you are not passionate about it and just do it for the status. You would never get a happy life in that way. Only more money in your bank account but money doesn’t necessarily makes you more happy. My boyfriend is an economist because he likes it and I am glad that he followed his dreams but I am also proud of what I am doing despite not having a master degree. My dreams lies in working with people and interact with others and that is one of the reasons why I am blogging. I love to connect with people and I would never fit in at an finance office.

I don’t like the pressure that society is pushing upon others regarding education. I think that everyone should be proud of their profession and not necessarily pursue a master degree if they don’t are passionate about it.

How is it in your country? Is having a master degree seen as status?